ATR announces the Next-Gen of their best selling aircraft.

ATR continues to pave the path of its best selling aircraft by announcing the ATR EVO family.

ATR EVO | The Next Generation ATR - YouTube

The plans for the EVO family shows advanced design features, and a new power-plant which is hybrid capable.

This family will have innovative technologies which will allow for great improvements with its performance, sustainability and economics.

These improvements will bring new propellers and new eco-design as well as new systems and cabins.

ATR CEO Stefano Bortoli:

Our next generation of aircraft will be a step forward in responsible flying through further incremental innovation. When it enters the market, the new ATR ‘EVO’ will pave the way towards a decarbonised future for aviation. Key benefits include a 20% overall fuel improvement and 100% SAF compatibility. This means that the aircraft will emit over 50% less CO2 than a regional jet when powered by kerosene. When using 100% SAF, its emissions will be close to zero.

ATR SVP Commercial Fabrice Vautier:

The ATR ‘EVO’ will be even more economical, with double digit operating cost savings achieved in particular through 20% lower fuel burn and 20% overall maintenance cost reduction. This means airlines can serve thin routes more profitably, and communities can benefit from more connectivity, more essential services, and more economic development. Our aim is to continue to offer customers and society ever more inclusive and responsible air transportation.

The ATR EVO series is expected to be flying by 2030, however, the company will be working with engine manufacturers, systems providers and airlines in the next coming months with hopes to launch the program in 2023.


ATR paves way for next generation of its best-selling aircraft - ATR


WOW, I love to see that ATR has a promising future in the industry


OMG it looks so cool! Excited to see who orders it!

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Are there any renders of it?

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HD Images found on their website!


Nice to see they’re sticking with the propeller designs, and not moving on to jets

That’s a good lookin’ aircraft right there. 😍

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gotta love that mask design tho

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Man That’s sexy!

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ATR has been around for over 40 years and has truly become a leader in the regional aviation market — it’s lovely to see their success is continuing and that the future looks bright!

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