ATR Announces The ATR 42-600S

The “ATR 42-600S” is the newest member of ATR’s fleet.

The S stands for “STOL” – Short Take-Off and Landing.

  • The new type isn’t meant to replace the previous ATR 42-600 version.

  • The new type offers take-off and landing capabilities on runways as short as 800m (or 2,600ft) with up to 42 passengers on board (For reference, Key West (EYW) is approximately 5100ft, or 1550m).

  • This aircraft will be the “best” in its segment.

  • ATR has already recorded 20 commitments from operators and lessors for this variant, including Elix Aviation Capital (10 aircraft) and Air Tahiti (two aircraft) which were announced at this year’s Paris Air Show

  • The ATR 42-600S will have a larger rudder for increased control of the aircraft at lower speed. It will be able to symmetrically deploy its spoilers to improve braking efficiency on landing, and will come with an autobrake system, to ensure that the full braking power occurs immediately upon landing.

Overall, this sounds really impressive. This will allow airlines to possibly open destinations that they weren’t previously able to fly to.


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