ATR-72 Series

I think this would be a wonderful parter for the dash 8

yes. having the atr would be amazing

So I can’t just look at all dash 8s it can be a mix so can’t be too many dash 8s and art-72s

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Guys please give this beauty some❤❤❤

YES PLEASE!! We need this.

Can’t wait for the chubby lil’ AT72! When they said a prop will be developed, I thought it would be the AT72 or AT76 lol


Sorry for the ugly pic my computer is broken so I had to use my ipad

Bumping topic up we need this

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This will be wonderful for Global

Not going to vote, but I like specially the ATR-72 in his whole family.

Not my kind of aircraft. Looks like your fat neighbor with his chocolate spilled all over his mouth asking you to come out to watch his new HotWheels car.

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