ATR 72 FedEx

Why don’t we have any ATRs in IF I think we should have ATR in the game because we haven’t got a lot of Turboprop aircrafts in IF and i think it could be a good addtion

Please share opinions (no negatives)
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Where’s the photo?

There’s already a topic about this

That one’s two years old

Correct, but it isn’t closed.

I flagged it.
Anyways, enough of this

Are you talking about the actual aircraft or the livery for it?

If you are talking about the aircraft, then there’s already a topic with over 150 votes.

If you are talking about the livery, then make sure that the old topic(s) get closed (if they are inactive) before creating a new one. Don’t forget to add more information (a picture, info about the airline,…) in order to get more votes.

I agree that the ATR should be the next turbo-prop airliner.

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Woow thats awesome!😀


Yeah, I like that plane.


You should welcome all opinions, otherwise you shouldn’t ask for any opinions.

I honestly think we need more GA, so while you have my support for more turboprops, specifically the ATR series, I would prefer to see more kingair, piper and Mooney aircraft added first.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your own request!