ATR-72 Family


If you want to share your opinion and you receive some kind of response to that opinion, it might be smart to respectfully accept it instead of acting like a baby.


I would love to see exotic liveries in ATR-72. So yes, I’m a big supporter of an ATR-72 and I’m looking forward to see it in Infinite Flight in near future. ❤✈

And, voted!


I thought Air NZ uses ATR 72 for Domestic routes


Yes they do it’s just glitch


yea i thought that after the reply i sent



Yet I’m Out of votes >.<


Incredible painting! She looks beautiful on just about every plane.


I would love if they added this especially if they made a livery for Binter CV for this aircraft.


This is a must have especially for airports that have short runways and it would look great in the Aer Lingus livery!


Would look wonderful! Especially in the PNG Air and Garuda liveries!! 😍😍


I’d love this as our next propeller-airliner


Very nice, except I don’t think this should be added quite yet, as it is quite similar to the Dash-8. I like this though and want to see this someday!


It isnt as similar as you think. The main similarity is they are both turboprops


I would love to fly the ATR72 around New Zealand as these beauties fly over my house everyday


I think it would be a great addition to IF


True. But we already have a turboprop. I would like to have this, just not yet. This should come when the Dash-8 will get reworked.


I agreed, we need this plane for IF


We need this. Right now the Q400 is the only civil Twin Turboprop airliner in the game. Having this especialy with the purple FlyBe livery would be stunning.


Like the idea! We have plenty of jet airliners but only two props used for commercial flights. If the jets getting reworks from time to time, the ATR could be one of the new planes coming, and in addition ATR would be a all new manufacturer.


Man, this request is finally reaching the 200!