ATR-72 Family


I’d like to think TBM then, as thats the first non airliner turbo prop that comes to mind. But I shan’t speculate ;)


Voted more like this is needed!😀🛫


It would be a wonderful aircraft to be flown in IF. If it gets added or confirmed please add an Air New Zealand ATR-72-600 ZK-MVK and ZK-MVA and Virgin Australia ATR-72-500 VH-FVI


Guys even if it won’t come next, don’t loose hope!
Keep voting!


Laura says she the TBM likes it too:)


Would be a very nice addition for Infinite Flight i think Infinite Flight is lacking regional planes


the world leader in the regional aircraft market below 90 seats. Since its inception, ATR has sold nearly 1,700 aircraft. ATR aircraft equip the fleets of about 200 airlines in almost 100 countries.

cross your fingers, maybe one day. =)


It would be very nice if these planes appeared in the IF. I vote for it and I hope that someday they will appear in the game in the future.


Wow even bombardier…


Definetly My Vote, TAROM Skin Will Be Awesome On The ATR👍


No, from what has been said in the past the turboprop won’t be a airliner. Anyways speculation is not a good thing on the IFC


Sorry I saw the IFC opinion earlyer I deleted it sorry IFC for the misbehave


I’ve had a chance to fly on a TACV ATR 72 and a SATA Dash 8 Q400. They’re both cool aircraft that are indeed different from one another despite both being turboprop transports.

I think it would be awesome to have the ATR 72 in IF especially considering its widespread use around the world for regional routes.


I hope to see the ATR72-500 and ATR72-600 in the MASwings livery.


I would like Iberia Regional livery (operated by Air Nostrum)


I flew American Eagle’s ATR-72 back 2012. I personally thought they were nothing special to ride on. Small, tight, terrible air conditioning (considering we were down in the U.S.V.I., it was really warm) and it was a very turbulent flight. But i wouldn’t mind seeing this in the sim in the future


I wonder if this is the new Turboprop FDS was talking about…


Using your logic there should be no reason for the A340-600 to be in the game. Or the 767. Or the 747-8i. Or the MD11. The ATR is a popular plane, no debate about it, and it has it’s advantages. Many people know about it and fly it, arguably more so than even the Dash 8. People like it and want it in the game. You don’t like it, then don’t fly it. If you want to debate about it, this is not the place for it. People want it, and what bad is it doing for you if it is in the game. Don’t fly it. Let people that like it fly it. Cheers.


As much as I like th ATR 72 I actually still like the A340


This is like saying we shouldn’t add the A350 because we have the 787, or we don’t need an A340 rework we have the 777