ATR-72 Family


This plane is my toddlerhood


Does anyone know if the inclusion of ATR is planned?.


@Andrinua I think a feature request needs to get atleast 500votes for it to be included, but I’m not entirely sure that’s true


That’s not true at all. The devs add things that they think the game needs most. That is also why they give us polls to decide what we want to see. 500 votes doesn’t mean it would be added.


I can’t wait to fly the United ATR on short hops from Guam! Unfortunately I have no more votes.


Same no more votes :(
But this would be a great plane to add :)


Is Beautiful



I normally don’t vote but you have mine here!!



If it comes out try this route… if you dare 😂



How can an ATR fly that?


@Deltabro It’s most likely a FR24 glitch. The ATR-72 does not have the capability of flying nearly 11 hours, it would have to make a plethora of stops.


Ok, thank you @Moosehead08


Does anyone think that ATR or Bombardier or someone else could reengine or make a new turboprop plane? It doesn’t seems like there are any new ones on the horizon and there definitely seems to be demand for them. Cheers.


The ATR72-600 was released less than a decade ago and it’s still selling like hot cakes. No need for a re engine job quite yet.

The Q400 is a little older and has fewer unfilled orders, but it still is doing well.

I could see a new variant coming in the next decade but until then the two manufacturers are doing fine.


Does anyone think that we could see it in IF, seems like it could pair well the the Q400 and we need more small planes.


Well this is the feature request for it. I’m sure that most people that vote here want it in IF.


One can only hope this is that Turbo prop
Source Infinite flight twitter


Please be this I need air nz regional flights 😬😮😬


We need the VOZ livery people!


The upcoming turboprop has been confirmed to not be an airliner, so it’s very unlikely that the ATR will be added next unfortunately:/