ATR-72 Family


Therefore, we should get rid of the A380, B737, B767, SR22, and not include the A350, because there are similar alternatives


Hmm. I see you’re logic, and admit that my reasoning is incorrect. I apologize.


It would be very good but I think it can wait a little bit we have many more favorite planes with more votes out there more if I ever appear in the IF I wanted to see the livery of AZUL and enjoy Brazil when I was in HD with ATR-72 from Livery AZUL


Honestly, I would want to see this before the CRJ rework.


Even though it’s a very off-topic thing to say I have to give it to you, that was funny.

I really want this with the Trigana Air Service livery but I don’t think this will be coming soon. I’m gonna vote.


I always love flying on one of these looking out the window whilst our ATR-72 on route from Christchurch to Palmerston North is flying past kaikora


If they can make the DC10 doors work then I would love to see what they do with ATE family


AT72 Vietnam Airlines ( old and new livery), Vasco, cebu pacific, japan air system, thai airways, lao airlines.


ATR72 Binter canarias, Iberia Regional and Air Europa express


This in the Air New Zealand livery would be great


These new planes came in (DC-10 / MD-11) and the ones coming (CRJ Family) are very good, but I’m really over-enthusiastic about the ATR 72 Family, because I think it would have a greater value on many routes than turbines are used; and turbo propellers do not have as much presence in the IF for the time being.


Excellent plane to load four nice big holds, front two you can even stand up in! Can be tail heavy with big load in the back and pax trying to disembark, have actually seen one tip on its arse!


Yeah, thats what I mean in terms of a pain. And also loading the rear hold is awkward as any large items need to go up the pax steps.


I would like to see this aircraft beeing introduced into the sim, sadly i don’t have any votes left…
Hope for this request to get many votes!


We also need the virgin Australia livery


Definitely the most needed aircraft in infinite flight


Definitely need this. I’m getting into more regional routes, so would be a great addition. This in an Air New Zealand livery, so I can do flights around my country would be awesome!


Air New Zealand for sure


Air Austral…


I just wish to get the ATR 72 of Hop Air