ATR-72 Family


Two words: Lion Air.


Bumping this topic, such a beautiful aircraft.


Love this aircraft! When I lived in Prague I saw these all the time! (Czech Airlines owns many.) Voted. 😜


I’d like to see this aircraft, would be perfect on regional Global flights!

Too bad I’m out of votes


I just had to give my last vote to this am a atr 72 lover! You can see that on my picture haha


Liat would be amazing😍


This ATR 72-600 from Azul is very requested by many Brazilian users, especially after the announcement of the Global version of the IF.


Removed a vote for this. I think it looks a lot better than the Q400, and itll also accompany it quite nicely.


I flew on one oh these aircraft yesterday, it’s truly an amazing experience! I’m sure it could be the same on IF.


Would love to fly around NZ with this little thing!


if this plane going to be added to IF, hopefully contains some of Indonesian airlines livery :)


I do have to wonder if this has gotten over 100 votes because Misha made the topic, and not because 100 people want the plane…


Don’t be silly, of course not! 🙄

A great plane for short hauls and would be lovely for small hops around like the Dash 8.


can’t wait for this, but it seems still far far away :)


I agree, I want the ANZ livery


I really love their name and logo for some reason…
Back on topic, this is definitely needed in IF. Gonna remove a vote for this!


If we already have the dash-8, why would we need an aircraft similar to that?


Seeing that you voted on the A350: 😂 Thats like saying, “we already have the 787, why would we need the A350”. lol.

You said it yourself!


I understand your point. I would think that the devs only have one ‘type’ of plane so they do not have to model similar ones. For example, if someone wants a similar aircraft than one in the game, then just use the plane in the game.


This is why we need the ATR