ATR-72 Family


I agree personally that this aircraft should be added. But I think with the A350 in development this maybe a break from the devs developing the A350 and they can add this amazing small prop aircraft.

Everyone posting pictures and asking for liveries, stop.
This isn’t the place to request liveries, if you want to see a livery added make a #features topic about it, or you risk that livery not getting added.

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I feel like the AirTahiti and BahamaAir liveries are a requirement because that opens up so much island hopping

Aer Lingus Regional livery!!!

Dude I never even knew this livery existed! Nice one! 👍

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im waiting for this aircraft in IF, add this aircraft please 😂🙏

You have my vote, the ATR is an amazing aircraft. Would love to fly it on IF…

Best livery!!



My child hood memory is flying on Air New Zealand (Mt Cook Airlines) ATR 72s from NZCH-NZPM and the other way. I used to look out of the window and see the beautiful peaks with there snow glowing bright against the sun 🌞. I’ve always loved the ATR and would be great to have as another regional turboprop.

we have very few mid/large twin-engine turboprop aircrafts in IF compared to airliners, GA, and military aircrafts.

we only have the dash-8 and c-130 family. out of 3 new aircrafts coming one is the a350 and the other is Xcub GA aircraft, i wish the 3rd one is the ATR-72 although i feel its highly unlikely.


And Aer Lingus (stobart air)

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it would be great to fly from Christchurch to Napier in because i currently use the infinite flight Bombadier dash 8 Q400 to do this route

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To add ATR-72-600 in Infinite Flight, for all users.

We put up good fight. The ATR family came in second. I think this could be added soon


Still can’t believe it lost by 3%…hope we get this soon!


Dissapointing that it didnt win, but at least it shows the devs that people want the ATR as well!

We were so close…

I know 3% cough

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do u think they will add/rework aircraft in the order of the overall vote for example the 777 will get a rework then the next thing will be adding the ATR-72 and etc. who thinks this will happen

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I’m a little late to the ATR party, but I’m adding a vote for this one! Not only is it a great regional aircraft that I’m sure would be a lot of fun to fly… but it would be a massive bonus for a VA I’m working on!

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