ATR-72 Family


Widerøe in Norway just operates the Dash 8 series and the Embraer 190-E2, so I can’t fly one here either


I would actually love to see more turbo props in IF


Going slightly off topic. You have the dash. You dont need the ATR. Dash is beautiful

BTW I do want this in IF due to commercial turboprop need. In my opinion.


This aircraft in the IF would be a tremendous boost to South America, since many South American airlines have the ATR 72 in their fleets.


There is an airplane that everyone would like to see in Infinite Flight!


It would boost New Zealand as well as u can’t really fly Christchurch to Nelson in a A320. This Aircraft with the Air New Zealand livery can do this route. Also other Livery’s can help with smaller routes else’s where


Yea I’d quite like to do routes like Christchurch to Palmerston North and so on. The cool thing about adding the Air New Zealand ATR is that I believe because that division is under Mt Cook Airlines there would have to be a new Call Sign for it which is Mt Cook


Czech airlines liveries



In real life, is MtCook there real call sign or is it New Zealand


Mt cook as wiki says but New Zealand has laws against listening to Atc so I wouldn’t be 100% sure.


It’s mount cook. I’ve heard it on ATC whilst flying


All Air New Zealand callsigns are New Zealand, just different operational companies


Negative, Mount Cook is used on the ATR’s and Link is used by the Q300’s on the radio


I think this would be a really good addition to IF


Agreed, ATR is also one of the most recognised turbo prop aircrafts for a very long time in the West of Europe, North and South of America. This would be a really lovely addition to Infinite Flight.


Don’t forget the Caribbean operators!


You think this beautiful bird will get added in 2019?


I dont think so unfortunately, but i hope!


I’d just love to have this plane there’s so much to do with it


I really would like to see all Air NZ ‘all black’ liveries added to infinite flight especially this one;

It just looks so much better than the standard white livery