ATR-72 Family


Apparently it is French-Italian;) sorry for the misunderstanding, but they do have their headquarters in Toulouse.


I share the same anxiety Mauricio, this plane is very beautiful!


I would prefer this aircraft (ATR Family)

I’m not a huge fan of the Dash on any level, Q is supposed to mean quite huge lol maybe if one is hard of hearing it could be called quiet but in my opinion no turbo prop is quiet however

the ATR is a much better aircraft
No outlandish sales tactics calming to be quiet
Just proper performance to fulfil its roles


One problem is at the max weight it is unable to cruise at FL250 the ceiling. Another one is the super low one engine ceiling.


I love seeing these birds πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜


if the ATR series gets added in in the future please add the Air New Zealand ATR-72 600. The main livery and the all blacks livery both added would be great.


Got my vote @MishaCamp!! Would love to see more commercial prop planes.


got my vote


This aircraft would be perfect with interior cabin views 😍


would it come with the opening passenger, cargo and service doors option if it ever came out


Wow, even the misha who knows everything behind the scenes wants an aircraft, I’m surprised, but it really is a very beautiful aircraft, here in Brazil there are some, I really would like to have it in IF


In Bangkok airways liv’ would be good.


Fiji Airways would be good


πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ yes looks something I’d call sexy.


Voted and I will stand behind this, turboprop aircraft are a wonderful sight, we don’t have enough within IF and would love to fly this aircraft!


Well if the ATR-72 family is added, I want Uni Air’s ATR-72 livery to be added as well.


Want to see this mainly to have some more Caribbean carriers in the game like Air Antilles or Caribbean Airlines for example. Also island hopping in the South Pacific basically requires this

Hopefully they can do this after the A-10/737 rework.


I feel that the old American Eagle livery could also be an option for the aircraft.


I think the mods will want you guys to stop using #real-world-aviation photos as this is a feature thread


I would very much like that in the next updates come the ATR-72 with the liveris of AZUL, AVIANCA and PASSAREDO.