ATR-72 Family


Yes same here we are just doing some things with it.It will not be called Air New Zealand becuase we can not used that name


About the TBM unfortunately…


Won’t the ANZ Are go under Air New Zealand Link or My Cook Airlines I wonder🤔


Good point. I suspect Mount Cook.


Mount Cook Airlines operate the ATR 72 routes under the Air New Zealand Link Branding for Air New Zealand


Sweet thank you


There is club seating on an aircraft that small? Not even the Q400 has first class!


If they bring this Air New Zealand ATR 72 1 its a plane waiting for but We will mostley have every single Air New Zealand plane but just the Q300 we need


If it comes we need to do a NZ global event


This request deserves a lot more attention than it has. If there was one new aircraft to be added to Infinite Flight, I’d love it to be this


We all appreciate your bump can’t wait till we see more movement on this


Guys, we need ATR-72 in this game!


I sure hope we get this!


Amazing aircraft!! I would like to see it in infinite Flight


I have a certain anxiety to see the ATR 72 Family in the IF, especially the two liveries below.

AZUL ATR 72-600
Photo credits.

AZUL ATR 72-500

Photo credits.


This is a great request.
Though I should probably learn to fly the Dash 8 first…


Love the ATR72, I think Aeromar have a nice livery!


what does ATR stand for i forgot



Aerei da Trasporto Regionale, from Wikipedia. French aircraft so french words


i thought ATR was an Italian firm or has someone told me a lie or is my life a lie