ATR-72 Family


Noticed I haven’t voted on this one yet. Oops!


ONE vote away from 200, can we make it tonight?


You’re welcome! 😊
The Air New Zealand ATR72 is beautiful.


Finally 200+ votes for a really nice feature. Keep on guys!


I have decided to vote on this, I don’t like the aircraft that much but it would add more diversity and it would be cool to fly on short European hops.


Yes, there are also only a few American operators of it, it would be hard to put their liveries on it and bring more attention to other regions of Infinite Flight that could use more flights.


And not only! The ATR family comprehends operators in all 5 continents!


Bahamasair uses the dash 8 and the ATR 72


If I will vote for this is because I want the Olympic ATR. Right now I don’t have any votes, but this is needed.


Unfortunately Olympic does not operate the ATR-72, only the ATR-42. Not sure whether that’s included in this request.


Hopefully it is. If not RIP ART 42


The request is for the «ATR-72 family». That obviously includes the ATR-42.
Remember that we also say Airbus A320 family, and that includes the a319,a321 as well


We generally need more commercial prop planes, as the only ones we have are the 208 and the Q400. I vote yes.


I really want this aircraft in the IF because it has several airlines that operate with it


We need a lot more Virgin Australia aircraft


I would love to this with the LIAT airline. Great request, I’ll try to clear up a vote.


I live in New Zealand this will be Good as me and my mate are trying to make a Air New Zealand VA Image result for air new zealand atr 72


If you get the ATR on the Infinite flight I want you to have this Passaredo painting


Also “Green bird” or air antilles express in french is an operator of ATR’s
this one here is the lastest 72-600 recived of the 2 ordered in their fleet


I’ll be looking out for that one as I also live in the big land of NZ