ATR-72 Family

You know what Misha, I was a big fan of the Bombardier Dash 8 q400 and I think I’m gonna like this aircraft too! Unfortunately I have no votes left 😥

I see a FedEx ATR-72 over my house every day flying EGNT-LFPG (Newcastle-Paris), would love to see this in IF. Got my last vote


I saw quite a few of these from Tap Portugual yesterday in lisbon as i went there for the day. I think i would be a good aircraft to have in the game.


just want to bump this up. Love this plane, need this plane!

The ride is amazing!! To bad they retired them. I would have loved to see it in AAs New Livery. It was so great most people who had the chance to ride one would call it THE GLORY DAYS

@MishaCamp… Just saw this “Bump”! MaxSez:Why nominate a $7000 cheaper look alike version of the Dash-8/400 which is already in the IF inventory? All ATR models have a poorer performance rating than any of the Dash series and they have a terrible safety record in comparison. Seem our members choose nominees based on looks not capability. It also seem operational history, reputation and performance are never considered, the tri holders requested are prime examples of eyeball nominations. I’d suggest nominators do a bit of research. The eye of a beholder is no judge of true character. Google is your friend, astatics are for the show room floor.

(Extract This Q400 v. the ATR, comparison is predicated on mission profile. That said, the Q400 is a power horse. Over 10K horsepower in the turboprops (combined with a 13ft prop) and that bird gets up fast. I wouldn’t be so concerned about short field performance either. While I agree the ATR has a lower takeoff and landing speed it’s less economical in fuel & maintenance cost than the Q400s who’s props are so big and the reverse so powerful that if you really wanted to stop the thing short on comparable runways no contest, its faster to.). No Vote for you! Gooday…


I kinda get your point, but efficiency and safety doesn’t really matter in a flight simulator. I know realism and all that but still this isn’t real life. It would still be an interesting plane to add (in my opinion) as we are lacking props - the dash is the only aircraft in that category that we currently have.


Dude, its a flight sim. None of this matters.

@HEYEY @ewanfleming… MaxSez: Got it fellows, realism don’t count! “Eyeball” and emotion are key components to your nomination process.
Ok, by me… Everybody has the right to an opinion here. Gooday

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The Dc-10 is being added but it has a horrible safety record so why can’t FDS add the atr? Btw no hate against the Dc. One of, if not my favorite aircraft ever made.

I wasn’t implying this. Realism is one of the most important factors. But how are you really meant to add safety to the current version of IF? Crashes and that will probably be introduced in a very long time. It is still a very interesting aircraft that I think would be a good addition.

Btw, I think it’s very good to have good debates here like this one.


It wouldn’t and shouldn’t be added because it will stop the devs from making planes. And yes, they can’t implement this as there aren’t any failures that can happen in IF as of now.

And for the record saying something like that is like asking why FDS added the A320 because it looks like the 737…


@HEYEY… I can’t speak for FDS on there selection process. As for Flight Safty just one component, the thrust of my comment the nomination process and its emotional component (Eye Ball Selection process). Let stay on point shall we. Last comment this thread. Gooday

I can answer this easily: because I like it


Ye I like how the 72 is smal and super low to the ground with the gear in the fuselage. Perfect for island hopping.

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@MishaCamp… Not a mind reader but; I knew your response from the get go.
Good show. Set/Point… Regards

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Nice request!
+1 vote
I’ll love to fly with the ATR-72 in Azul liverie in regional flights

Look at this beauty! :D


It’s a solid airplane. I flew around the Cape Verde islands in TACV’s (Cape Verdean Airlines) ATR-72s. They handle short field ops really well and would be a joy to fly for any short range ops to include island hopping.

But to be honest, I’d prefer that legacy IF aircraft such as the 757 & C-17 get reworked before any new aircraft get added. They are badly in need of better flights physics and other improvements in order to be on par with aircraft like the Dash 8, C-130 & 787.

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FEDEX operates a couple of these. I would love to fly them for FEDEX!

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