ATR-72 Family


Entering service in 1989, the ATR-72 family has proven to be a brilliant little group of aircraft. The -72 was a stretched design of the -42, seating a maximum of 78 passengers. The ATR has been used for both commercial, cargo and military operations, with notable operators being Azul, Air New Zealand and Firefly.


Capacity: 68-78 Passengers (with club 2 seating). A 70-passenger configuration is the most used.
Length: 27.17 m (89 ft 2 in)
Wingspan: 27.05 m (88 ft 9 in)
Width: 2.57 m (8 ft 5 in) (maximum cabin width)

The service ceiling is FL250, with a max cruise speed of 509 km/h; 316 mph (275 kn). The take-off run at MTOW is around 4300ft/1300m. I believe that the success of the Dash 8 shows the desire for more short range turboprops such as the ATR-72.

Credit: Jujug Spotting

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Nice request. American Eagle operated a few ATR-72’s a few years back as well. I’ve never had the pleasure of flying on one, but would like to someday!


Excellent statement. I’m out of my votes but I stand behind this 100%. 👍🏼


Really credible for small planes like that.


if you like this more of sth you voted before you can just eliminate the vote there and put it here ;-)


I am fully aware that I can do that. But thanks for telling me again. 😉


I’ve requested a bunch of liveries and I didn’t realise that no one had requested the actual aircraft!


Would be really nice to have this in IF. And there are already lots of livery requests for this aircraft, so I think there are good chances that this will be implemented in the near future.


Out of votes but 100% with that plane.
I would love to see an update with plenty of regional planes coming out at once!
We need short range operating planes with the arrival of Global!


This is definitely missing. Airlines such as Virgin Australia etc are dearly missed at the moment.


LIAT!!! Please Vote for that Sexy Caribbean Carrier!!!


I’ll have this only if they include the Air Vanuatu and Air New Zealand livery 😊


Well we have already got the Q-400…I rather have reworked Airbus and Embraer jets


You mean ceiling? 😉


Nice spot. Testing you all to see if you actually read my post all the way through or not 😏


If this is added I would love the Flybe livery

ATR is a nice aircraft, but they can be awkward to load, yeah even come with a pole that they attach to the back of the plane to stop it tipping onto its tail


Didn’t actually know that. I assume that’s just when it’s on the ground?


Yeah only on the ground, I only noticed it the other day as well.

Edit, I found a pic for you, only on the -72 series


Amazing aircraft! Yep definitely needed :-)


Sorry out of votes… but nice request! I love the ATR series of planes! I seriously hope this gets added after the C17 rework and the GA rework and all the other reworks…