Atr 72-600f

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Purpose-Built freighter variant of the -600, 8 November 2017 launch with 30 firm orders from FedEx plus 20 options.[33] The first flight of the variant took place on 16 September 2020;[41] it was EASA certified by early December.[42] In December 2020, FedEx Express received the first one of its order of 30, to be operated by ASL Airlines Ireland between Paris Charles de Gaulleand the Czech Republic.[43] Fedex should receive six aircraft per year until 2025, later freighters will fly in the USA and in Latin America.[43] Compared to the passenger airliner, windows are removed, the floor is reinforced and a large front cargo door is added to load seven LD3 containers.[43] ATR forecasts a market for 460 converted or new-build turboprop freighters over 20 years.[43]

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