this would be great in IF

  • yes we need this
  • no I don’t care

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comment livery suggestions below


Meh it’s ok

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Another dash 8 prototype meh I don’t care 😐

good enough

This will be a great addition!


yes, yes it will be

I wanna say this is a duplicate but this is more specific of a request. I think we should keep it ATR-72 because there will be no difference in conversation.

Looks spectacular!

We need more regional aircraft rework the CRJ and the add the ERJ, and rework the E-Jet, and then add the CSeries and ATR, and more Dash 8 aircraft this would benefit VA’s, and pilots alike, P.S. Also add the A350 that would be amazing, and maybe some Russian planes to, add every plane ever made I history, and every plane ever in existence, and every plane that every will exist, Thanks.

From, Plane6

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Atr’s look beautiful, this one should definitely be added.

Looks like we have another duplicate. Mods, do your job.

this is just for ATR-72-500. totally different

An ATR-72-500 is also an ATR-72. Just a subdivision.

This is cool, I flew on one of these when I was in Thailand :)

I’d also like to see the ATR 72 series. They are a different type of plane than the Dash-8. The Dash was designed to compete with short hop regional jets, but the ATR was designed to move 70 people as cheaply as possible. They are more challenging to fly properly, in many ways, than the more powerful Dash-8. You have to plan your routes around it’s poor climb performance, and the relatively low single engine ceiling.

In short, it would be a nice change of pace.


Yes, we absolutely need this aircraft

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Do we really? I think we should have more military/GA aircraft.

Would love it!

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I personally don’t like military plane ✋


Agree with you there, however I would also like to see some more GA aircraft.