ATR 72-500 Mistral Air (Poste Italiane)

I really hope this livery will be added with the ATR Family.

Mistral Air (or Gruppo Poste Italiane) is an italian charter airline with home-airport Roma-Fiumicino (LIRF)
the airline actually operates 5 of these aircraft.
picture from flickr by jujugspotting

Why would you not vote for it if you want it? :)

Please give proper credit. Google is a search engine, they don’t have rights on any pictures. I’ve included a proper example below. Please use it in the future. Thank you.

Picture credit: Jujug Spotting


I hope this definitely gets added if the ATR ever releases. I see these planes every year at Tirana and they always fly over my family’s beach when I go to Albania.

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Yes! We need the ATR family added


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