ATR 72-500 - Czech Airlines (SkyTeam Livery)


If ATR 72 will be added with his Little brother 42


I sense a slight copy there…

I know it is the 72 but, I can hardly tell the difference…

I know your topic rememberd me to the czech atr72 I took from praha to bologna but itsnot the same plane ;-)

I know but still…

Why? @Johannes_koelsch is free to post a #features request of any kind as long as he respects the guidelines, makes sure it isn’t duplicate and is a TL2 (member) user. It’s not because he requested another variant of the aircraft that it’s copying. As we’re getting off-topic, you may continue this in PM if needed. Thanks :)


Ok I understand. I’m sorry, I has a long day:)

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I understand you .