Atr 72-210

The atr 72-210 is a marvellous aircraft which i think should be shown by adding it into infinite flight,


Cool features I think this aircraft could have are:
•full engine start up not just one button and its on,
• working apu,
•openeable doors and features,
•4k live cockpit with the copilot person,
•working landing lights and taxi lights,
•full interior,
•and new engine sounds.

I really hope you agree with what i’m saying as the atr 72-210 being such an amazing plane needs some love and we can give it that love by adding it to the game.
Happy flights!!!

Hi, there is already a feature request for this, feel free to vote for it there. We really need the ATR in the game! It’s one of my favourite planes!

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Ok i searched up atr 72-210 and nothing showed up so i thought i could do it but I’ll give this a vote

Like said above, the post is unnecessary and already part of the feature request linked. Next time, search broader terms and narrow your terms down until you’re absolutely certain it’s not a duplicate. Thanks!