ATR 42 Missing Indonesia

Hope that nothing horrible comes of this 😔…

Edit: RIP

Prayers to the families and friends of the victims… Another sad day for aviation as a whole and in SE Asia

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Well I just checked Yahoo news and they said the villagers have found the wreckage

Hi Rotate,

In most cases involving fatal accidents with aircraft in the regions of south-East Asia is because of the climate and weather conditions. Due to the location of those countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and so on) they fall within the tropical band, below the Tropic of Cancer and above the Tropic of Capricorn. This means that weather conditions are extreme, in Indonesia’s case the cold mountain air interacts with the intensely humid air else where. This causes pretty AWSOME thunderstorms or in this case fatal. There has certainly been a strong correlation of aircraft crashes and Asia, but it’s usually not always based Aircraft security and checks.

Hope this helps

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On Here (Indonesia) , Media always reported the Crash. It’s a Trigana Air. The Plane Crashed while on Approach to Oksibil, Papua after taking off from Jayapura. Deepest Condolences to Families of Those who onboard that Plane. And Based from one of the Villagers said that the Plane was Flying with low altittude before striked the Mountain. (Same case with Sukhoi Superjet 100 who crashed on Mount Salak, Bogor, Indonesia) and back to 5/6 Years ago… a Merpati Plane also crashed on Oksibil near with the Present Plane Crash area. and Oksibil Weather is like what @Harry said. It Could Change anytime. Everyone are Presumed died on the crash

Yeah, Just For Information. Indonesia is one of several countries that banned from flying in Europe (All Except Garuda and Indonesia Air Asia)

Ikr. Indonesia has bad safety records. That’s why Air Carriers like Garuda must reeling from EU (2009) and US (Present) bans. Some Indonesian Authorities should React and do something for this. As I Know, Lion is one of Several Air Carriers that have bad safety records (3 Notable Crash since 1999).

Ikr. The Plane Crashed on the Mountain and some Villagers who live on there found the wreckage. There were 54 Crew and Passengers onboard