ATR-42 Family

To go with Misha’s lovely ATR 72 request, here is one for the smaller variant, the ATR 42.


C-GSRR | ATR 42-300 | First Air | Brian Tattuinee | JetPhotos

The ATR 42 is the only 50 seat aircraft currently in production, ( and is what the ATR 72 is based off of. Introduced in 1984, with a standard configuration of 48 seats, and is 22.7m (~74’) long, with a 24.6m (80’) wingspan.

The take-off runway required at MTOW is about 3,822ft, with a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet, and a top speed at cruise of 266 knots.

I would like this aircraft in Infinite Flight because it would be a great companion to the CRJ 200 which is the only aircraft of that size in Infinite Flight. Another cool feature is it’s ability to land on unpaved runways. It also has many operators, and some airlines that cannot operate a larger aircraft operate this family instead. Here are some of the operators.


Silver Airways (20 on order)
HOP! (12 in service)
Aeromar (15 in service)
Empire Airlines (11 Freighters along with 4 for Ohana by Hawaiian)
FedEx Express (25 in Feeder Fleet)

If I missed any big ones, please let me know.

Votes are very much appreciated.

Great Request! It wouldn’t hurt to see some old operators too.

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And ATR-72 too. I thik what add ATR-42 and ATR-72 in same update.

The ATR 72 is a separate request, made by a unicorn. Here’s the link to that one.


Fedex feeder operate 25 ATR 42-300F’s through contract airlines. Other than that brilliant topic and i love the aircraft. I saw an ATR-72 of air nostrum at LEIB (ibiza airport) from very close proximity which was awesome.


Czech airlines has a huge number of those lil bees.
If it comes to IF I wish they are as loud as in RL ;-)

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You just made my day. Sorry Misha🤷‍♂️

If they are different types of planes, then this should stay up.

I don’t think it was ever a question of whether or not they’re separate. It’s like the 737 NG versus the 737 MAX.

But if it were an addition or a rework, then I’m sure it would be included. (If enough data was received…)

Shoutout to the recently bumped FedEx ATR 42. One of the best liveries for this aircraft in my opinion. (The First Air livery looks good too)


The Aer Lingus Regional livery would look amazing on this!


(photo taken by me!)


Speaking of livery requests, I’ve got another one:

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Bump. IF only has one 50 seater, and no turboprops that size.


This feature has only 3 votes !?!

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Just a bump because this was linked to as an active feature request. I guess let’s make it one?

Israir had ATR42-320

Orange livery

Yellow livery


Have to fly on this 42 to LCY from where I am… cant stand flying on it. So slow. But would love it in IF!


Aer lingus operates the ATR-42 as well


i kinda wanted this so we needed the same love for the atr 42 like on the atr 72

I would love to have the ATR42 for some 30min flights