ATP Worth it?

Currently, I was looking at different options. ATP is offering all flight training needed for an affordable price, BUT they do not offer a degree that is needed in a legacy. Honestly, I think it’s not worth it because my local flight school (less than 5 miles away from a ATP school) is cheaper. Also, I was considering an online college for Aviation science any suggestions? Lastly, I was wondering how big of a loan would I need to take. So I would love to get insight on those things.Thanks!


Hopefully, I could get some opinions!

There’s a lot of good ATP information in here. If you’re still stuck, give @naro a shout if you want more specifics. Best of luck! :)


Honestly, the 1500 ATP requirement is quite outrageous. They should really make it 800 or 900 hours with 100 hours in the aircraft desired, e.g. 737-800, etc. This provides a balance between safety and good pilots.

Think about how it went from 250 hours to 1500 hours on congress’ whim. That’s 6 times as much; a 600% increase.

Then there’s the issue that most will require some sort of financing to meet the requirements AND most won’t be able to finance $300,000.

It’s becoming more and more Unfeasible to become a pilot. Sure, those who follow through will be rewarded, but is it economically feasible when you start out at $80/hour of flight time while you spent $200/hour flying on a Cessna 185? Compare to other careers, it’s not. This is why airlines hire ex-military pilots - they didn’t accrue the debt needed for it.

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