AtlasGlobal Airlines Has Filed For Bankruptcy

AtlasGlobal has officially filed for Bankruptcy.This is the 2nd airline we have lost in 2020.πŸ˜₯

The carrier has not been having the best of luck when it comes to finances.
There Airbus A321’s were being operated by Iraqi Airways.

There fleet consisted of:
2x Airbus A321’s

There retired aircraft were
Airbus A319’s
Airbus A320’s
Airbus A330-200’s
Boeing 737-400’s
Boeing 757-200’s
Bombardier CRJ700’s
Bombardier CRJ900’s
McDonnell Douglas MD-83’s

Here are some Articles:


Two in the same day. Smh.


Honestly it was expected. Since their operation suspended late last year and revived with a new model, they’ve been returning and grounding aircraft ever since.

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Air Italy was the 11th tho

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When i read the title i thought it was atlasair


Two basically in the same day.

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Wow, a second airline collapsing already! It’s crazy how close both airlines collapsed, but they were having problems for a long time. I saw it coming.

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Already, we have had 2 airline bankruptcies. Unfortunate to see that the airline business is off to a poor start.

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Tbh I never even heard of AtlasGlobal.


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