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ATLAS is the future of crew centers. It’s a complete package, where you can manage and fly for multiple airlines, straight from one website.

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A Mobile App

ATLAS is the first Infinite Flight Crew Center which supports an app-like experience. With ATLAS, you can easily access it like any other app on your phone! By using PWAs, simply add it to your home screen and enjoy its powerful features with just a tap.

🔔 We even support notifications 🔔


ATLAS makes pilot’s lives easier! With direct integration to Infinite Flight, pilots can say goodbye to the hassle of filing a PIREP manually. ACARS takes care of it for you, so you can focus on what really matters - flying.

VA Activity

Introducing the new Activity feature of ATLAS! Designed with the needs of virtual airline managers in mind, Activity simplifies pilot management and enhances administrative control. Pilots can easily submit leave of absence requests, ensuring that holidays don’t affect their records. Admins gain valuable insights by identifying inactive pilots and accessing basic statistics, enabling informed decision-making and optimising the experience for everyone.

3rd Party API

Introducing the groundbreaking 3rd Party API feature of ATLAS! We’re thrilled to empower third-party developers with seamless access to valuable data from your virtual airline. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our comprehensive documentation, which will provide detailed insights into integrating with our API. Be sure to visit our official developer blog at regularly to stay informed about the latest updates and information. Unlock the full potential of your virtual airline with ATLAS’ 3rd Party API feature and embark on a new era of customization and innovation.

PIREP Images

We are excited to bring you PIREP images inside ATLAS. PIREP Images allows VAs to get evidence from pilots of the completion of the flight via a screenshot of Infinite Flight. Alternatively it can be used to show off the stunning scenery of the world.

We have many more features available see some of them here:

Experience the power of ATLAS virtual airline management with our flexible pricing options. Take a look at the highlights of each plan below:

Free Plan:

  • Up to 65 Pilots
  • 1500 PIREPs
  • Limited basic features

Pro Plan - $4/month:

  • Unlimited PIREPs & Pilots
  • Advanced Customisation
  • ACARS Integration
  • Priority Support
  • VA Activity Tracking

Max Plan - $8/month:

  • Animated VA Banner
  • PIREP Images
  • Beta Feature Access (Coming soon)
  • Push Notifications

Ultra Plan - $15/month:

  • Custom Badge for every VA Member on their profile
  • Custom Invite (Coming soon)
  • Themes (Coming soon)
  • Dedicated Support Agent

For a detailed breakdown of features and benefits included in each plan, visit our Pricing page at Pricing | ATLAS. Choose the plan that suits your virtual airline’s requirements and unlock the full potential of ATLAS virtual airline management. Prices listed in USD.

Discover the unparalleled support experience provided by VACenter Support. We take pride in offering the best-in-class support service for virtual airline managers. When you encounter any challenges or have inquiries, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you every step of the way. With VACenter Support, you can expect:

  • Centralised Support: Access support services conveniently through VACenter Support’s dedicated website at
  • Extensive Documentation: Explore comprehensive manuals and guides that provide detailed instructions and valuable insights to help you navigate the ATLAS platform seamlessly.
  • Case History: Easily view your support case history to track progress, access previous solutions, and ensure a smooth support experience.
  • Support Chats: Engage in real-time support chats through our VACenter Discord server, connecting you directly with our knowledgeable support team.

At VACenter, we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction and success. Experience the unrivalled support service that sets us apart from the competition.

ATLAS is proud to have an ever-expanding community of virtual airlines that have chosen our platform as their trusted crew center. These virtual airlines have experienced firsthand the power and advantages that ATLAS brings to their operations. Here are some of them below:

@FinnairVA | @allegiant-virtual | @LuftyVirtual | @Singapore_Virtual

Why not join the list? Create an account on ATLAS and get started today!

ATLAS Pro, Max and Ultra subscribers will gain access to the premium features in VABot 2 at no additional cost. VABot 2 is the next version of VABot with a complete redesign and support for slash commands.

VABot 2 is in development by the VABot team See VABot 1 here: VABot || VACenter

Are you ready to elevate your virtual airline to unprecedented levels of fun? Join the ATLAS community and unlock the power of unified virtual airline management.

If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to our dedicated ATLAS team at Our knowledgeable experts are ready to assist you and provide the support you need to maximize the benefits of ATLAS. You can also join our Discord server to connect with a vibrant community of virtual airline enthusiasts and share insights, tips, and experiences.

ATLAS Support | ATLAS Website | Discord | v1.2

PS: I swear that this is the last crew center I will ever design, otherwise I will go mad


Hi Sam. Interesting release. I like to see crew centres continually improving as time goes on, and am excited to see where this project goes.

The following is intended to be constructive, not trying to tarnish your efforts.

Do you have a user guide available, to show for example things from a user perspective? I found the documentation to be lacking. How does the schedule search look and work? What about PIREPs? How are they processed?

There are a lot of features mentioned and yet no documentation available on them.

I decided to take it for a test spin. Signing up and creating a VA, adding the first route and aircraft was incredibly simple.

But I don’t see what is achieved in order to provide something better in comparison to other crew centres. Processing PIREPs is not easy. It’s tedious. Several clicks are required to get you back to the PIREPs page. If I have a lot of PIREPs pending, it shouldn’t be such a tedious task to process them. It should be designed in a way that has an efficient workflow, so that I can get into a rhythm and review PIREPs quickly, efficiently and without it feeling like a chore. I’d be very excited to finally see a crew center that achieves this as it is the bread and butter of every VA. PIREP processing needs to be easy.

I like the way for multipliers you can use any alphanumeric string. The idea of text based multipliers for me is a huge win - it means that codes issued to members can be easily memorised, especially for events.

The routes / schedule search is unpleasant. The search experience is tedious as you can’t just punch in an airport or a route, because you have to wait for the search to run before typing another letter. You can’t search by aircraft nor see at a glance which aircraft can be flown on which route. Pilots want to see at a glance which aircraft are available so they can choose which route they’d like to fly based on which aircraft they feel like flying.

In terms of customisation, you need a demo to show what can be customised because there is no documentation on this, and I don’t fancy paying to find out.

What is VABot 2? What does it do that VABot 1 doesn’t? It seems odd to mention a product and give no insight into it at all.

I feel that at least from what I can see in the free product - since there is little documentation regarding customisation and no full demo available - that there isn’t much gain using ATLAS over another crew centre other than it being hosted. One loses full control over their crew centre, especially customisation, and the only gain is that it’s simple to set up because it’s hosted on your service. I don’t think that what ATLAS has to offer is offset by the convenience of having one pilot account for multiple VAs.

I really like that the site is very easy to use on mobile - it’s a huge plus and it’s scalability is better than other crew centres. I like the progressive app - it looks and feels like a normal app on iOS and I like the simplicity of it.

Overall, this doesn’t seem like it is ready for release as a paid software. It’s too premature - there’s a lot “coming soon,” a lack of documentation and every corner I turn trying to explore your website I am met with blank pages and empty space.

I hope this feedback can be fruitful to you. I don’t want to discount your efforts as I am sure a tremendous amount of hours and passion has gone in to the project - but I think it needs some work before it really becomes “the unified future of crew centers.”


Best cc yet!


Yes it’s available on Still a work in progress but most of the basics are there.

I’m not really sure how else we can do this, we have a seperate tab for pending pireps which is default and you must review each PIREP, it shouldn’t just be a quick skim over at the main table. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Yea I have noticed that, unfortunately it’s a problem with a 3rd party library we use. I’ll see if I can find a fix.

How so? The customisation as of v1.2 mainly revolves around the VA logo and banner. Which are fairly self explanatory, unless I’ve misinterpreted that.

Apologies about that one, I should have mentioned that it’s currently in dev by the VABot team. Post has been updated.

Could you elaborate? The only really blank page atm is the home page for your individual user. All others are full of content.

Really appreciate this in-depth feedback, we’re going to take it on board for v1.3


Thanks for your response!

The blank pages and empty space was in reference to the support articles here being empty. There is also 0 documentation that I can find regarding VABot by following the links on the ATLAS support page.

The manual doesn’t show anything from the pilot’s POV i.e. how to file a PIREP. While it is indeed self-explanatory and doesn’t require a manual, without a demo available, a prospective user must create their own VA under the free plan and explore that way.

The customisation while self-explanatory through logo and banner, there is no example of. Without a paid plan, it’s impossible to see what this looks like.

In terms of PIREPs, I 100% concur that it shouldn’t be a quick skim (in a well run VA, that is). Ideally, the quickest ‘fix’ that could be done is returning the user to the pending PIREPs page after accepting/rejecting a PIREP, so they can continue processing PIREPs.

A feature (not necessary, albeit nice to have) would be to have an ‘on hold’ state for PIREPs. Say for example, a large VA with multiple staff and PIREPs, a staff member could place a PIREP on hold instead of rejecting it while they follow up with the pilot - say for example, wrong livery or aircraft or a query about a multiplier being used. This way other staff don’t handle the PIREP in the meantime as they can see it’s on hold.

Anyway, appreciate your reply! I truly do hope this project succeeds as there isn’t much going on in terms of ‘great’ crew centres - so maybe this can fill the void and be the be-all and end-all for crew centres.

Singapore Virtual Airlines is glad to be using ATLAS. We would like to thank @Sam_Neale and his team on creating such an amazing Crew Centre.



Hi there! A quick comment from an airline using the ATLAS - Regarding the Pirep approvals the new Crew Center ATLAS works extremely fast, site is downloading quickly: the process for pilots using it and filing with ACARS works without hickups aswell the platform supports staff managing pireps by offering the view of unprocessed pireps always first. We have used a technique in approval process to open each unprocessed pirep in a new tab, then processing each one of them and closing the tabs as we proceed. For our average 25 pireps per day this method and procedure works well and saves time.


I like that you can open each PIREP in a new tab. Thank you! I like to see others experiences. Ideally, after approval, one would be returned to the pending PIREPs page. :)

ATLAS Support | ATLAS Website | Discord | v1.3

ATLAS v1.3 is here!

We’ve taken on many of your suggestions and upgraded ATLAS, here is a quick look at the new features:

Checkout the changelog here: ATLAS v1.3 - VACenter Engineering Blog, no migration is required by you.

Our new support experience will begin rolling out of the next couple weeks as we create a whole new manual and support articles. Additionally you may see some on-site suggestions about new features.

We also no longer support mobile browsers as of v1.3. You must use the “Add to Homescreen” feature on iOS and the equivalent Android one.

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ATLAS Support | ATLAS Website | Discord | v1.4

ATLAS v1.4 is here!

We’ve taken on many of your suggestions and upgraded ATLAS, here is a quick look at the new features:

Check out the changelog here: ATLAS v1.4 - VACenter Engineering Blog, no migration is required by you.


Also I’m sorry for completely nerding out here, but is this not just the coolest thing.

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How do I get the app?

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Thank you @Sam_Neale and the VACenter team.
We are simply thrilled to introduce the ATC mode jointly with you.


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It’s a progressive web app. So when you log into ATLAS via, you can press the share/upload at the bottom of safari and then press “Add to Home Screen”.

Made a support article about this, including how to add notifications.

Oh ok cool, I use this for my VA.

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After seeing what everyone at VACenter has done in the last few months I can surely say that the efforts have highly paid off. ATLAS is a ground breaking technology in the VA/VO world and it’s presence has definitely shaped the way to the future. A masterpiece in my opinion and I wish the team a successful future.

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Thanks! We will continue adding more features to ATLAS in the coming weeks.

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