Atlas CEO goes from Airplanes to Trains

Well when you retire from Aviation, why not go to the railroad world!


Amtrak has announced that their newest CEO will be William J. Flynn. Bill has been with Atlas with over 13 years when he finally retired this year. Before joining Atlas Air, Flynn held senior roles at CSX Transportation, Sea-Land Services and GeoLogistics Corp.

Amtrak officials say they expect Flynn to stay at Amtrak for longer than his two predecessors, and to carry on the progress made in recent years, including record-setting growth, financial milestones and service improvements.

Flynn, in a statement, praised Amtrak’s leadership and employees for the work done in “modernizing the company for the 21st Century” and said it would be “a privilege to join them in continuing this work and advancing something as important as Amtrak’s mission.”

“Amtrak’s future is incredibly bright and I’m excited to join the team,” he said. “Amtrak service is vital to millions of Americans across the nation and by improving the customer experience, driving safety, and strengthening our partnership with states and other stakeholders, we can do much more for the American people.”


Well he certainly seems to know his way around the transportation world, but airplanes>trains, and always will be 😂 🤷🏻‍♂️


Atlas is successful. Amtrak isn’t. Because Amtrak is a failing business (unless you live along the Northeast Corridor) there really isn’t much for him to work with. He should just liquidize their assets and call it a day. Managing airlines and train companies are two different things and their CEOs can’t be interchanged, as shown by the firing of Amtrak’s old CEO who turned Delta around. I’d say he should just enjoy his retirement!


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