Atlas Air Cargo grounds several 747s

Atlas has grounded four 747s since the beginning of the year and will shortly return one more to its lessor as the US-based holding adapts to a slower global freight market, Chief Executive John Dietrich said during a quarterly earnings call.

“As we talked about throughout the latter part of last year, demand has been softer. And when in that environment, it’s usually the least efficient aircraft logically that get parked first. And frankly, the demand has not been there for those aircraft, so we elected for the B747 converted freighters to be temporarily parked as we manage through the current period,” he said.

The CEO explained that the converted freighters were heavier and less efficient than the purpose-built B747-400(F)s. Also, the converted aircraft lack a nose cargo door. However, the aircraft will be available to return to service with “appropriate lead times”.

“We [also] have sold or expect to sell three non-essential aircraft in our dry lease portfolio,” Dietrich added.

Atlas has sold their 757-200F, with future plans to sell a 737 and a 777F.


There goes the PDX service…

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Yeah I heard about this from DJs aviation. Sad I hope things pick up soon. Makes complete sense though to remove the converted freighters.

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Yeah no crew to fly them no reason to keep them

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Seen one of these beauties when the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars came to KCLT to play the Panthers. I freaked out.

Hell yeah!

But they proceeded to choke themselves to Christian McCaffrey.

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