Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ER

I’m slowly beginning to like this livery. Since we will have it added on the 747-400, it’d be nice if we could have the fleet expanded to the 767-300ER once it’s reworked.

(not my photo)


The livery fits the 767 nicely.


It looks cute on smaller aircraft than the 747

It looks strange, but nice on this plane.

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Really should have winglets.

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I honestly think it looks better without them.

Who is atlas air. I have seen this livery and the new one on the 747 yet never heard of them or seen them at an airport. I have googled but couldnt find an airline

They are a charter and cargo airline.

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I saw this in Chania.
Nice livery!

It’s nice is good for flight of 2 with the 747 so is a yes from me

I would love to see the Atlas Air livery accompany a 767-300 rework.

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You can just edit your post next time instead of making another one :)

Nice livery!

Looks like a mini 747 with this livery.

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Lovely the 767 needs an rework to get more attention

Beautiful, Atlas has such a sharp livery. This airline keeps making me think of the Metallica song “Atlas, Rise!” whenever I see it.

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Looks wonderful!

Awesome livery! I hope they add this livery, especially since the recent crash.

Well the plane that crashed was actually an Amazon Prime Air 767, operated by Atlas Air. The plane you really want is here:

Anyway. This is an old topic. I’m gonna get this closed.