Atlas Air B767-300

I would like to see Atlas Air on the 767-300 when we do get the 767 reworked as we only have it on the Boeing 747-400 at the moment, in my personal opinion I like the way the Atlas Air livery on the 767-300 more than on the 747-400.
Credit goes to Gerrit Griem | Personal Gallery | for the image.
This plane is registered as N662GT | Most Recent Photos |

Pretty sure that’s still a passenger aircraft

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My bad I will change the picture

I can’t find a picture of a 767-300F in the Altlas livery suprisingly

From my knowledge all Atlas Air 767-300Fs are just plain white

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thought so, I will just do the passenger variant

Don’t forget to vote on your request, nice livery btw.

I would love to but out of votes as always