Atlas Air 777F

Atlas Air recently ordered four Boeing 777F in the Atlas Air Livery, this would be an amazing addition to the Infinite Flight liveries since it would open some exciting new cargo routes in the future.

Source: Airways Magazine

This would definitely be a nice addition to the current Atlas Air fleet!

I think atlas air usually flies in a generic livery that we have in IF but this would be cool too

Sometimes, sometimes not. Depends what they’re doing or what plane it is I guess.

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Heck yes!!! Voted!

This is awesome!

After the E-Jet rework, I’ll remove my votes for liveries on that and put one on here.

I have been flying it in IF. They have the generic livery and the lan cargo livery without the LAN. They’ve been using the callsign Giant now no longer southern air.

Got my vote. Love this livery on the 77F.

With Atlas’s acquisition of Southern Air, we should see a few 777’s appear with Atlas livery schemes. I’ll miss this big boy roaming the skies.😔

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