Atlas Air 777f & 747-4/8f

Atlas Air

Altas Air has the largest fleet of 747-4s and 747-8fs and a large fleet of 777fs

I am surprised that only a 747-4 passenger livery is on infinite flight. I feel that having the largest operator of 747s to date that they would have at least the 8f in infinite flight. They also operate 777s, 767s and 737s, none of which are in infinite flight. Being that that cargo is going to continue to become a more important part of the industry, infinite should be realistic as possible and add Atlas Air.

Hi! It’s a good order, but you need to decide which model/variant you want, as this IFC category only allows one feature order per topic.

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Unfortunately feature threads are for 1 livery only, if you want the 777 and the 748 you should make 2 separate threads.


As above, thanks!