Atlas Air 767 Has Crashed On Approach To Houston

I think I can get a bit more info on the incident

Let’s hope that 2019 is a safe year for aviation 🤞


How do you plan to do that? All the info is coming out slowly as it does immediately after something happens…

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As it goes on and I’ll get the latest information @KPIT

What I am getting right now is any WestJet 767s are going to be grounded until later;
WS1850 (CYYC-PHOG) May divert to PHNL due to maintenance facility availability
WS02 (EGKK-CYYC) is going to land at Calgary and will be serviced by a 787 until further notice
Taking no chances
RIP crew



From the Feds

Wow, I’m surprised they’re taking such big action so soon…


It hasn’t been confirmed but an emergency board meeting was called and that is what they are planning
All of the WS 767 flights are landing soon (within 2 hours) and so they don’t have to go for a while anyways



Originally planned to be operated by Canadian Airlines International, entered in service with China Southern Airlines 04/11/1992, Later flew for LAN Airlines, LAN Argentina and Atlas Air, Ex: C-GCAW; EI-CFR; B-2561; CC-CRG; LV-BTE; N258CT and N631GT. (From JetPhotos)

Let’s Pray for the Victims Family’s…🙏😢💙


I’m keeping an eye out for any Amazon updates,

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Well done, I’m trying to get on a nearby live stream of it to see if the left spoiler is deployed on impact,

And the worst part about this is snobbish people are going to start complaining that “my $3000 Chanelle purse didn’t come, I don’t care if the plane crashed, just drive it in a van or something!”

@baseball_inferno language please


Extremely likely, although something that kills 3 people happens, people still don’t care.


Let’s try to remain respectful, guys, to the families and the investigators. This is still pretty fresh and raw. Too early to draw conclusions. Best to let the professionals do what they do best and report on their findings. We can come up with ideas as to what caused this incident, but let’s not argue with one another or make “punny” jokes please. This is a serious and sensitive matter. Thanks!


If my hypothesis is not accepted, even though there is historical significance to back it up, so be it.

Although this is plausible, we don’t know what has happened, and I think it is fair that we let the NTSB do their investigation first

I wouldn’t say this, plenty of ideas could be perfectly plausible, but, I agree with your main point, we shouldn’t speculate, and we should leave it to the NTSB

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Yes. Or unless you’re a 767 type rated pilot or NTSB then you can introduce an idea.

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Here is the NTSB application for y’all who are trying to play NTSB. Apply here -

On a more serious note prayers to families of pilots and for those who are affected. Also wisdom to NTSB to make the right decisions.


Quotes rom a live stream i’m watching:

“At this point it’s total devastation”
“We haven’t been able to find any survivors, nor remains”
“Debris field of over a mile”
“No survivors”


My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the 3 people onboard the 767.

It’s a sad time. We need to be respectful. This is not the right time to speculate. The best we can do is wait for updates regarding this sad event.