Atlas Air 747-8F

Atlas Air is a great cargo airline and they only have two current liveries in IF the 747-400
777-200F and that is southern Air which is operated by Atlas so I think this livery is needed

There is another topic can someone close it
Credit: Airplane Pictures

Ohhh, let me see what I can do about a vote…

Don’t forget to vote for your own topic! As well as you should first contact or PM a moderator to close the other topic first, then creat the topic, but you’ve earned a vote! I’ve been wanting this Livery and I would love to fly into KMIA wth this Aircraft!

Voted! Really want more Atlas Air to be added.

Like Camo said, its highly recommended to message a moderator to seek approval prior to redoing a feature request. Fortunately enough for you the older topic was of lesser quality than your. With that said, I closed the old one as it was well over 2 years old.

I do have one favor and that is to provide the credits for the image. I can see that the photo is watermarked but linking the website and or photographer ensures that credit is deserved where its due. Thanks.


Giving this a bump

Hey, great request. Here’s a link to a 747 rework request. I’m gonna link this request there too.
747 Rework

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Pretty sure I already voted for that but thanks I check

747 2020

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Yes I need this.


its beautiful

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I hope they will add this fantastic livery!

As we get it the UPS 748F, I guess they can put this one too, we have a lot of cool routes to do with 748 Atlas Air. Have my vote

The last 747-8 has been delivered today for Atlas, I guess it’s time to get this livery on, for the tribute to the Queen of the skies.


Would be nice to get the Apexlogistics variant, the last 747.

Credit: Jennifer Buchanan


Voted! I would love to have this livery on IF.

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It would be a such great tribute to the Queen!


Going to boost this. I love this!

YES we need this!

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We got it!