Atlantic wind check please.

just NNE of ABQ at 34000’ on the training server. Callsign is Reunion 3 80.

I got you on the map. Thanks



Anyone ever dead sticked an A380? ;-)

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Its because the earth is round not flat, so think why?

Are you gonna make the last miles?

Actually, going where the headwinds are not strong can save you time versus doing the Great Circle route. I just pulled these pics from various sources to give you an idea why I went south.

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Not really sure. I have 29 minutes of fuel and my ETE shows 32 minutes. But yeah, I’m being positive about the outcome.

When you slow down…itll be fine

This is gonna be close! Hope you don’t die in the Grand Canyon xD


@146flyer. MaxSez: Shut Down 2 & 3 , Devert or Die! Godspeed, G’Day


21 hours and 40 minutes later it came down to 10 secs. All 4 engines shut down during reversing. I coasted into gate A3. I bet I can’t do that again. Here are the fuel shots.


Well you made it so why put more fuel😂. Took you from a to b…


That was close! Nice job!


@146flyer… MaxSez: If your viewing this flight thru a Gammers Eye you pulled it out. I personally don’t see anything noteworthy here in my Aviators view except PPPP. There are old Pilots and Bold Pilots but there are very few Old, Bold Pilots…


Wow. I am suitably impressed. Congrats on finishing your flight safely!


Hey Max, that’s all I do this for. The fun and challenges which I can’t do nor would ever do in real life. I guess it’s just a little relief from all the rules and regs we live with on a daily basis.

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thats what the majority of us are here for, fun and challenges which we cant do in real life. Whilst i have flown in a Pipercub and handled the controls there is no chance for me having an oppotunty tofly a Spifire, KC-10 or B777 so its a little bit of change to the norm!

I also recomed thiswebsite for checking out winds aloft, often use this as part of my flight planning process.

I’m assuming that when you are checking the winds at altitude you can’t change the selections to feet?

You can only select meters? In the image I’m looking at 300hPa at 9000 meters, correct?



Hi Steve,

Yes it seems to only work in metric. To help I usually make myself a ‘cheat sheet’ converting FL into m’s