Atlantic track buying me a two way ticket πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It is taking me there and back! Can anyone help?

You added the track at the wrong point. Try adding a track at the point with the letter on it (which is where the track starts). If you add the track at the opposite end, the flight plan will extend to the start and all the way back.

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So if I’m flying from EU to US, do I start on the US side or the EU side?

Track Z is an eastbound track. Track A is a westbound track.

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Ah, so I must use track A tonight, and then track B tommorow night for the return?


Track Z for US β†’ EU

Track A for EU β†’ US

Let’s say you fly EU to US tonight and US to EU next night. Use Track A tonight and Track Z tommorow night


Track A tonight, then any one of the eastbound tracks for tomorrow. Westbound tracks usually are designated with the first few letters of the alphabet, eastbound the last few letters.

Thank you both! I can now begin my long haul!

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