Atlantic Ocean has different colors

Couldn’t find another topic like this one. As I fly across over the Atlantic, I find that the ocean has sort of a line where the colors change very abruptly. Not sure if this is a tech issue or something with the rendering or the satellite imagery, or what? Don’t have any screenshots, sorry.

I wonder why this happens… 🤔

This isn’t an issue with the rendering or ocean.
I believe that it has something to do with the salt concentration in each of the oceans. If you look into osmosis which I still don’t fully understand :P it’ll make a little more sense.



i know theres a place in the pacific where the water actually is separated. theres a video on youtube about it

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Wow, had no idea that was a thing. Thanks, mods can close when you would like to.

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yea that… thats the video

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