Atlantic Airways A320

With the introduction of Global nearing, it would’ve nice to have some more Northern airlines included. One of these is Atlantic Airways.
Atlantic Airways is the national airline of the Faroe Islands, and its main base is at Vagar Airport.
It has a tiny fleet size of 3, with 9 destinations including Spain, Portugal, Denmark and France. It’s fleet consists of 2 x A319’s and 1 A320.
I think it would be a fantastic addition after the Global update. It would be nice to see some smaller carriers!

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I really like that livery ❤, it’s so elegant. Got my vote. I hadn’t actually heard of the Faroes until a few months ago when I planned my around the world in a SR22, and after learning about it’s absolutely amazing. Would love to see this in IF.

(EKVG is the only airport on the island if anyone doesn’t know - Vagar airport)


I like that livery but I’ve never heard of that airline before😂


Haha not many people have. It’s my favourite airline, been flying with them back and forth home for a few years. (UK-Faroes)


I’d love to fly this beauty into Vagar 😍😍


I like this livery i think it would be a good idea to have this in the sim.


Out of votes, but felt that this livery needs a bump…


Out of votes but gotta bump this one!

Out of votes but gotta bump this!

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I can’t believe how little votes this has! Such a great livery for such a great place in the world!