Atlanta to St. Thomas

Today I flew from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Cyril E King Intl. in St. Thomas, and wanted to share my flight.

Server: expert
Aircraft: B757 Delta
Flight Time: 2:58

  1. Parked at gate, getting ready to pushback

  1. Blasting out of Runway 27R

  1. Passing over the east coast of Florida As we head over the Southern Atlantic

  1. Starting descent in the Caribbean (Moonshot)

  1. Air Brakes out as we pass Luis Muñoz Marín Intl. (Beautiful water in the background)

  1. Gear down 6nm out from St. Thomas

  1. ATC view of Touchdown

  1. Cleaning flaps and taxiing to gate

  1. Parked at the gate as the passengers step out into the beautiful St. Thomas Scenery.

What is your favorite picture?

(Any feedback is greatly appreciated, this is my first topic and I was ecstatic to share it with you all.)


Awesome job, keep on posting!

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Most beautiful Pics bro 👌😁

Did this route two days ago! Such a nice approach, nice pics!

@SWA1997 and @Shane I was lowkey nervous but thanks so much

@ZachN I will keep posting, and the Caribbean scenery is some of the most Beautiful in IF


Woahhh the moon,

Thought that was Starkiller Base for a second…

Nice pictures!

@Astreal Thank you so much for viewing. Ill try and do a return flight tomorrow

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Just not gonna ask what happened to that moon

Yoooo wassup. I watch your vids all the time and im subbed. And I do appreciate the love. Lets just say the moon tried long division

Must have been fun! Great pictures!

Oh dang. Really. Thanks it’s really means a lot And thanks for all the love. Just made my day.

thanks im glad you all enjoyed i will be doing more pictures

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Lovely shot! Pic number 5 gets my vote! :)

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Thanks so much man