Atlanta to Orlando / Delta A350

Today I have gone back for the A350-900, so far my favourite aircraft in IF, this time however, the flight is with Delta from Atlanta (KATL) to Orlando (KMCO), with a cruise altitude of 30,000ft. Since I started the flight early again, the flight was very dark, but still got some nice pics, enjoy!

Flight Info: Training Server / 01:02 / KATL - KMCO



Arriving at 18R

Passengers watching engine reverser at full power!


Very nice pictures :)

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Nice pics 👌😍, hope you had a great flight 😊

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Nice photos but I have one issue.

You flew south-east at an even altitude…



I dont really like flying too realistic, I just play to have fun.


Nice. My fav is the second to last one, cool angle! Hope you had fun on that long route!

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Yeah same, lots of struggling with free cam since it wanted to glide around the cabin but I got there in the end. And a long route for me lol since anytime I open the sim people start calling me for things, but never when im not on it.

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