Atlanta to Denver aircraft ideas


Tonight im doing Atlanta to Denver and would an a350 of a 777-200 work or only an a319?

Thanks , Rye

IRL during winter months DL flys a 767-4er on some of the flights but during the summer months I mostly see a321’s doing that flight.


From living in Denver, for Delta, we get the A333, B767, B757, B737, and occasionally the A319

Edit: You can also lookup on FR24 ATL-DEN and it should show you every possible aircraft on the route.
If you want to use your aircraft for realism, used a 4 digit 8 number


Ahh ok thanks, might use the a321!

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yeah i was thinking of using a 757, or a a321

Yeah they use a good mix into DEN… I would also recommend doing the ATL-EGE (Eagle County Colorado) flight. Its a seasonal one during the winter months but it has a really nice approach into the mountains. DL flies a 757-200 on that one.

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Thanks! Might actually do that route! with the new taxiway lights it will be a treat!

Yeah! Its a smaller airport but sadly no 3d buildings in game yet but hopefully it will come soon!


Also United on the a329/20 and 737-800/900 and frontier on the a320

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Delta, Southwest, or United B737, or a frontier A321

Exclusively a321s all summer for DL (ATL-DEN)

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