Atlanta to Bonaire in a Delta 757-200!

Hello IFC! Today I did a flight from KATL (Atlanta) to TNCB (Bonaire)! Hope you enjoy my photos.

Aircraft: Delta 757-200


Server: Training

Time: 3 hours and 13 minutes.

Parked and boarding passengers at Atlanta.

Takeoff! Of to Bonaire we go!

Retracting the landing gear.

Flying over Cuba!

Landing at Bonaire!

The 757 seen from Donkey Beach.

Passengers view moments before touchdown.


Parked at the gate, de boarding the passengers.

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Great shots, looked like a nice flight!

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Ooooooo, Bonaire! One of the best dive locations I’ve ever been to. Water clarity was the best I’ve ever experienced. Nice photos!

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Nice photos!

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