Atlanta spotting location

Anybody who has spotted at ATL I am going to spot on Saturday and need to know where this place is

I saw this on YT


Hello? ______

Hey Chris,

I recognize that arrivals sign- I think this angle is from the top of the South parking deck. Here’s a screenshot from google maps with their approximate location circled.

I’m pretty confident that this is where they are located for that angle in the video, but if someone has a different suggestion they may also be right.

Edit- after watching the video you watched, I was able to see a little more of the sign, there’s a red stripe at the bottom indicating that it’s for south terminal arrivals/departures.


I’m pretty sure this is correct. @JacksonAviation confirm?

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Yes that looks like it, I spotted here a while ago.

Yes that is the south parking garage, good for both East and west ops

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