Atlanta Renaissance Hotel Spotting @KATL

Hello, and welcome to my 2nd spotting topic. On December 17, I was staying at the Renaissance Hotel, so I of course had to do some spotting.


Delta A320

Republic Airways ERJ

One of my favorites, a KLM 777 in the Asia livery!

Delta A321

American Airlines CRJ

Southwest 737 MAX 8 I believe

Another one of my favorites, the Delta 767 in the Skyteam livery!

The best shot that I’ve taken, an Air France A350!

Delta A350

Delta A330 in the amazing Team USA livery!

Thanks for viewing!


Awesome shots!

Just a sidenote, that Delta A319 is actually an A320

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Thanks so much, I’ve fixed that!

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Great pictures! Were these taken from the hotel or near the hotel?

I remember staying at a hotel next to an airport but it was just Bellingham airport in Washington. Still really nice though.

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That Renaissance is so awesome. The hotel totally embraces being an airport hotel. We had a really big room with a big balcony looking out to the runways.


No problem! 🙂

Thanks so much! This was taken from the hotel. It was on a balcony.

It’s amazing, the best experience by far I’ve had for spotting.

I want a hotel where planes are always flying over ✈️ ❤️

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