Atlanta Ground Session + 20,000 Operations!

Guess what… another ATC timelapse! I have been doing these a lot, but I find them really fun to make and it’s fun to give a run down of my sessions and show you the beautiful flow that I aim for when controlling. And with that said, let’s run down the session!

I decided to hop on ground since no one was taking it at the time, and I’m glad I did because there was a perfect amount of traffic where I could easily handle it, and like yesterday’s Paris Ground Session, I decided to progressive taxi everyone to one entry to the runway, contrary to having many intersection departures which can become too much for the tower controller, and it also reduces the amount of incursions and giveways that I’d need to handle, so win-win!

Some controllers may not agree with this strategy because the discussion of whether the tower controller should even be controlling if they can’t handle intersection departures, and the discussion of, “Is it too much to handle when progressive taxiing 10+ aircraft,” pops up.

In conclusion, I’ve really been liking this strategy of getting everyone to one spot, and creating a smooth flow, with one nice line, rather than a stressful nightmare of departure sequencing, and it’s been really satisfying to see in these timelapses, and I think almost everyone can agree on that.

ATL Tower Controllers :

@Gritz (75%-80% of my session)
@CaptainJam (20%-25% of my session)

I appreciate you guys, thanks for the awesome tower work 😉, also a big thanks to @Varunsehdev for taking over ground once I decided to close up, nice work today guys!

In other news… with that session, I hit 20,000 ATC operations 🎉! What a journey it’s been, tagging frequencies with friends, servicing countless hubs, and moving through the ranks of IFATC like nothing, really has been a treat, thanks to all of those that helped me reach this accomplish this goal, and here is to many more sessions 🍻!

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As always, let me know if you see yourself in this video, I know I saw a lot of familiar faces. 😉


got the notification before you posted this! these are so satisfying!

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Another huge milestone! I’m so glad we have you on the team and can’t wait to see what’s in store for you. Keep that videos coming!


Great Job @ShaneAviation! 20,000 ops is amazing!!

Also, nice to see ground getting recognition!

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It means the world to me that you have notifications on, much love @Infinite_Pilot1 👊❤️.

It means so much coming from you, Tyler, thanks for the constant help and everything you’ve done for me on my IFATC journey so far, and believe it or not, I’d like to become an ATC one day. Might sound a bit cheesy, but I find air traffic control super interesting and I’ve looked up to you as I’ve progressed, really glad to be on the team. ❤️

Thank you very much, @Mukundan_Srivatsa!


Ooooo another cool timelapse!

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Let’s see the magnificence that this time lapse beholds


What’s your yutube channel called. Link is not loading for some reason - probably on my end.

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Here’s the link directly to my channel - IFATC ShaneAviation

And “IFATC ShaneAviation” is the exact channel name. :)

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I subscribed and will be notified.

Damn…I see the guy who was in front of me in the takeoff queue spawn in right at the end so I just missed out on being in it :(

Yeah, I remember giving you a pushback then announcing a controller change, haha, sorry. I seriously appreciate you subbing though, if you ever notice me controlling high traffic, odds are you’re going to be in a video 😂.

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Currently in my map watching someone who clearly forgot to accelerate at 10000ft (so going like 180IAS at FL410) slow down, evidently stall, and plummet to the ground…

Congrats Bro! 👊

You deserve it! Next stop, 30,000!

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Yay another one!

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Congrats Shane! What a huge accomplishment, can’t wait to see you progress even further in IFATC!

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Beautiful timelapse! And congrats on 20,000 🥳

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You guys are the best, can’t thank y’all enough.


Hey Shane

Its always a pleasure watching the time lapse posted by you on You tube. This was amazing.
Congratulations for the 20,000 Ops Mark and thanks for mentioning my name.




Congratulations man. You’ve probably comtroled me a couple of times

Where is the party-parrot emoji when you need him… Congrats Shane1 It is always an honor and privilege to fly in your airspace. Congrats on the 20K ops! You are the best unofficial trainer out there… ;)