Atlanta Airshow 2022

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute but I’m back with another spotting topic!

It’s hard to host an airshow the same weekend as Aviation Nation, but luckily the 2022 Atlanta Airshow was still able to secure the Blue Angels and A10 Demonstration Team!

To start us off, I finally was able to catch Fat Albert which I have been hunting down for years! Glad I finally got to see it fly!

Then we have one of the nicest painted A10s out there. The demonstration jet is always one of my favorites to catch because it always has such a unique paint scheme to show off!

Unfortunately due to weather the Blue Angels could only get in a low show, but they still brought their all and it’s always a pleasure to get to watch them perform!

And while we’re on the topic of A10s I figured I would add this bonus shot of my favorite A10 from Oshkosh this summer!

Thanks for stopping by and checking this out! If you want to see more of my work, follow my Instagram @jackson.aviation


nice photos, can you come to my event and take photos of that?

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Private message me the information and I’ll see if I can make something work

ok! i will! it will be fun

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A-10 Topic, period

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Can’t go wrong with an A10 topic


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