ATL Renaissance Spotting Day 3

Last Day

Well today was my last day at the Renaissance and it went pretty decently from 8am-10am. The weather was somewhat like Day 1 but a little better. I don’t have much else to say so let’s get to it.

Delta Airlines 738 Skyteam Livery

Here is one of the two Skyteam 738s that Delta operates. This one actually came yesterday, but I missed it while editing photos. I don’t really like Skyteam, but I do love that livery though. N3761R came in from the home of @Delta319 (SDF).

Delta Airlines 767-400

Here we have a Delta 767-400 which is probably a pretty rare catch if u live outside the U.S. LAS is one of the destinations that has heavy service right now. Definitely enjoyed seeing those 767s doing domestic routes.

Delta B757-200

Here’s a nice 752 departing for Orange County, California. This is a route I should of flown years ago, but instead I flew DTW LAX.
Love having Terminal D in the background with all those Delta tails.

FedEx A300

We got an oldie departing for its base in Memphis. Was lookin for some FedEx 77Fs, but I didn’t get any. An A300, however, will do any day.

Delta Airlines A321

How about some contrast with this A321? N387DN arrives from Jacksonville before heading to Memphis. Cloudy weather sometimes can produce some really nice contrast like this one.

Delta Airlines B757-300

I realized I haven’t posted the Giraffe yet. Well, here it is. N585NW, a 753 I’ve ridden on, departs 8R for San Diego. The 753 is actually a fairly common sight in ATL unbeknownst to me.

Delta Airlines A320-200

Here’s N347NW arriving from Cleveland, Ohio. I spotted this exact plane doing the exact same route yesterday. I’m wondering where all the A319s are. I’ve spotted plenty of A321s and A320s, but the A319s are nowhere to be found.

American Airlines A319 Piedmont Livery

I kind of promised myself not to show any AA shots because I bore the crap out of everybody with AA in CLT. This is different. I love their Piedmont Heritage Livery and there’s no excuse not to post this. N744P heads to Dallas in this one.

Korean Air B787-9

Well I missed the Koreans yesterday as they arrived way earlier than I thought. Luckily, I woke up earlier and KE35 arrived like 50min early. Happy the way this turned out as I genuinely hate editing Korean Air because of the blue. Tire smoke and beacon light is some icing in the cake.

Korean Air B787-9

Why not another angle?


Day 3 was short but sweet. I got everything I could catch and they turned out well despite the kinda bad visibility. This is far from my last topic on this trip as I got more pics to show. I will definitely be retuning soon hopefully with different runway usage and sunny weather. If you live in the southeast, a drive down to the Renaissance is well worth it. We could of potentially only paid 100$ for 2 nights, but unfortunately we paid about $350. If you save some bux and drive, it’s an amazing deal.

Other Information

Camera: Canon T6i
Location: ATL Renaissance Hotel (10th floor)
Lens: Canon 40-250 (Larger Lens could help with departure shots)

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Nice photos!

The lighting looks very nice!

I was flying out of ATL this morning on UA flight 202 to IAH and then on to FLL!

Wow! Another day of awesome shots! My favorite? The Korean Air 787-9, what a beautiful bird!

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Tbh the lighting wasn’t great in all. Edits weren’t easy but I made em work. Thanks for the kinds words!

Ahh I probably just missed ya. You took off at 7:45. I think I woke up at like 8:20. Wished I could of caught ya


Yeah Korean was my favorite too. I generally dislike blue as the color for the entire body but in darker settings though, it works out.

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'Tis a shame all I have is an iPhone Xr.

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My favorite is that Skyteam delta. Great work all around!

They used to fly Korean air b 748 before pandemic and also it was draining crazy at atl

No surprise there I had a 30 min connection I got 3 tacos and soon as I sat down a huge thunderstorm turned my 30 min connection to 2 hr and 30 min connection it was so sunny because in my video of the landing it was very sunny and nice out then boom it’s raining should have wondered a bit to take some pictures of the aircraft and other planes during the bordom

Atl is the best airport to pass time while a delay world’s busiest airport

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