ATL Renaissance Spotting Day 2

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Well, we now have day 2, and I must say this absolutely blows day 1 out the water. Today had everything: Panthers charter, fog, clouds, some sun, heavies, lights, pans, storms, and a tornado warning. I took probably 1000 photos today as I was out on the balcony for 10 friggen hours. I definitely stocked some future spotting topics up as I got like 100 photos I’d want to post here. Hard decisions, but here are my personal favorites from today, enjoy.

Delta A350-900

Yesterday, the A359s evaded me, but I caught 3 of em today. Here’s N509DN touching down from Tokyo Haneda on 8L. Today was the first time I officially spotted the Delta Flagship. I can’t believe it took me this long…

Delta B717-200

This was taken under some wack lighting, but it looks really cool. Had to zoom in on the crop so it’s a bit grainy, but so worth it. This guy was off to the home of Jeb Brooks, Greensboro, NC.

Frontier A320 NEO

A beautiful shot of Shelly The Turtle on an early rotation. Absolutely love seeing Frontier anytime bc of those animals. N316FR was off to Cincinnati and will spend the night in Denver.

Air France B777-200

This guy evaded me yesterday too, but boy I was glad to catch him today. Favorite plane and one of my favorite type of shots. A little bummed the A35K didn’t come as they are being operated by AF to ATL.

Delta B777-200

My all time favorite Delta aircraft finishing a short cargo mission from O’Hare. N862DA is the oldest 772 DL has remaining and this is probably the last time I’ll ever spot a DL 772 😢.

Delta B767-300

Continuing the Boeing heavy trend, we got a 763 lifting off for Vegas. In an eye blink, this fella will be in Victorville soon too… I’ll miss Delta’s Boeing fleet so much.

United B737-800

Finally caught the new United Livery that has been running away from me for a year. Here we have N13227 arriving from Denver around noon. This bird will wrap up its service today in San Francisco.

Delta A330-300

Entering the storm, we have N822NW arriving from Amsterdam. Those GEs kicked up a crap ton of water. May I add a beacon light in there also? Looks real dope

Alaska B737-900

This was my first time spotting an Alaska plane somehow. I guess this really exposes how bad our variety is in CLT. Most spotters probably wouldn’t care, but I kinda had to post this cuz Alaska is more rare than a Lufthansa A350 for me lmao

Delta Airlines “THANK YOU” Livery

This was such a surprise. I had no clue that 391DN would be rollin my way until I woke up and checked FR24. This wonderful tribute came from LAX and I finally spotted something rare.


These 10 photos don’t do justice on how great my day was. As I mentioned earlier, I need to slap over 100 photos on here to satisfy myself. Tomorrow will be a short day as I leave for Charlotte, but this place never fails to produce. Today alone makes this trip 500% worth it.

Extra Information

Camera: Canon Rebel T6i
Location: Atlanta Renaissance Hotel (10th floor)
Lens: Canon 40-250mm

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Day 1 Spotting


Amazing!! I love the Airfrance one!

Day 2 was 1000% times better than the first day! I just love the United New Livery 737-800, best pic of them all! I thought the strobe lighting on the 772 was also super cool! Keep up the great work, Pilot_urp! Can’t wait to see some more spotting topics!

Thanks but Pingu 🤨

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My deepest apologies! I guess this means that I shall compliment another one of your photos! The Frontier A320 was another awesome shot! Can’t say that I have ever seen the “Shelly The Turtle” Livery!

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The watery A330 was stunning mate! Looks like great fun

That hotel is truly amazing!! I stayed there in January and it was an amazing experience. These pictures are great!!

I been to ATL airport a lot of times and at the departure gates I would plane spot.

Ive never been to KATL before but I want to go so bad since I absolutely love delta. Btw great pics.

Nice photos!

It started pouring when that A333 arrived

Indeed. Try going in the Spring or Summer though, winters are backlit.

Terminal T and F parking garages are some good locations from what I know



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