ATL Renaissance Spotting Day 1

It’s been a while…

Charlotte has been nothing but boring so it makes sense I’ve been very quiet recently. However, I’m in ATL for a few days and I’m chilin at the famed Renaissance Hotel. The hotel balcony offers extraordinary views of 26/8 and is really nice. Now I was planning to have some nice weather for spotting, but in case you didn’t know, there’s a hurricane barreling it’s way up here. Ironically, it’s Hurricane Delta which is going to bring clouds and a bunch of rain to Delta’s fortress. I don’t really like spotting in the rain and clouds, but sometimes it can offer some insane contrast which I definitely got this afternoon. Take a look!

Delta A320

Here we have a DL 320 slowing down on RWY 8L from LaGuardia. As of 10/9 200Z, N349NW is in O’ Hare. Feels great to be able to shoot something other than American A320s.

Delta A333

Here we have a Delta A333 finishing it’s flight across the pond from Schipol. Delta will be using A333s only for a while on its Amsterdam service I think. Anyways, I’m thrilled to have spotted a heavy for the first time in like 7 months…

Delta B739

And another arrival on 8L, this time a 739 from Norfolk. Sick pan with the beacon light action makes it one of my favs so far. I might actually catch this exact 739 again tomorrow as it flew back to Norfolk, and it is scheduled to arrive in ATL tomorrow in the morning.

Delta B712

We got an aging 712 kicking up some water on 8L here. This one came from the Queen City and took 4 hours less than what it took for me to get to ATL from CLT. N928AT will spend the night in Houston Hobby.

Delta B752

On RWY 8R, we have a beautiful B752 lifting off for Minneapolis. This is another bird I will probably see tomorrow as it’ll be back in ATL by 11:45AM.

Sun Country B738

Let’s take a break from them Delta Jets huh. We have a Sun Country B738 that was most likely doing a charter flight from Nashville. It parked on the GA apron but I didn’t pay attention if any people came out.

Delta B763

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming of Delta Jets. We have a fine B763 taking off for Vegas. This is yet, another guy I’ll see again tomorrow.

Delta B739

Another B739 but just in the evening. DL1729 arriving from the Music City showing that beautiful tail light. N922DZ will be buzzing around Salt Lake for its next few flights.

DL A321


Here we have N343DN touching down from Ronald Reagan in D.C. This A321 will be in and out of Atlanta tomorrow doing some busy hub routes.

Delta A332

Right outside my window there is this beauty sittin out there. Last time I saw N860NW was when I was in Nagoya. So cool seeing her in Atlanta knowing I’ve both ridden on it and spotted it on the other side of the world. This 332 will be off to Lima tomorrow for some cargo delivery.

Extra Information

  • I’m on the tenth floor which is perfect for 26 departures. I think I could be a little lower for 8L, but nevertheless, it’s still incredible.

  • I use a Canon Rebel T6i and 40-250mm lens. Great value for its price! As for editing I use Adobe Lightroom, but not the PC.

  • Feel free to use my photos as long as you credit me


Day 1 was sweet despite the rainy weather and missed planes. All the A359s were directed to the south and KLM and BA were to the south also. Hopefully tomorrow at least one A359 pays a visit to the north side. I really want to catch the Delta flagship. The weather tomorrow is going to get worse as Hurricane Delta nears so there may be some surprises and stuff. One thing I also want to see is 26 being used instead of 8. 26 will offer some departure views close up and those could be super dope with the vaporization. It could very well happen as the winds are going to be from the SE which favors 26. That’ll do for Day 1, thanks for stopping buy.


The urp is bacc

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The pans are sexy 🤤😍

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I’m getting really good at them too. Kinda sharp but they still look hot 🥵

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I’ve been dying to try pans. But there’s like no good spots at DEN. I’ve been trying them out on cars to get a feel for them. Maybe when I go to PHX in 2 weeks I’ll try them out there

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I’m loving those rainy photos, especially the 717! Just beautiful! Awesome photos overall, Mr. Urp!

I can confirm, it’s all the same traffic at the moment. Goes bland after awhile.

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