ATL-CUN DL752 Flight Photos

Hey! Here are some photos I took from a flight from Atlanta to Cancun! I hope you enjoy :)

Flight Info

Flight: ATL - CUN

Aircraft: Delta 757-200

Flight Time: 2 HRS



Love the second one. Nice shots!


Great shots! The classic 757 rocket takeoff never fails to disappoint!

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Amazing! Especially the second one, great shots!

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Long time didn’t see such a beautiful screen shots! Thanks for sharing :)

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Beautiful shots ! 😍

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How does one take such a moonshot?

Great photos dude!

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Great shots Goldy! Would love to do a flight with you sometime!

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How’d you take that moonshot? What’s the technique? I’ve never been able to exactly pin it.

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Hey! Well, first of all, in flight I look around while I am flying to see if there is a moon in the sky that day. If there is, I would some how remind myself in replay to look for it again so I can take a photo. Then I normally go in my replay to find the best position where the plane meets the moon. After that, I zoom as far as I possibly can and zoom in. After taking the photo you can go into Adobe Lightroom or Google Snapseed (both available on iOS and Android I believe) and edit the photo! It took a while to master but eventually you will get it :)

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